Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little delayed, but pages to share!

As the title suggests, my trip got a little delayed. I was supposed to fly out this morning on a buddy pass, but after getting up at 6 am and heading to the airport with my 19 month old in tow, we didn't make the flight. There were probably 13 people waiting to get on the flight, and only 7 open seats. After talking to 2 girls who had been trying to get on a flight since Sunday, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a ticket. So my dear sweet friend came and picked me and my son up and brought us home. Now we get to go back to the airport tomorrow, but at least this time we've got a ticket! :)
Since I already got all my packing and chores done yesterday, today I can share with you some fun pages that have been created using my latest stuff.
This first page was created by my awesome CT member Kayla (my only CT member- looking to change that in the future, so if you are interested, keep your eyes open) she created this page using one of my bracket album templates. Instead of using the template to make an album, she used it on a regular layout. I LOVE that idea. You can see her credits and give her some love here. This 2nd page was the reason for the strawberry freebie. My friend Brittany created it using this template and of course the strawberries and the alpha from the last freebie. This only like her 5th digital page that she has finished, isn't it cute? She did an awesome job.

Well that's it from me for now. Wish me luck on my flight with my crazy son tomorrow! Bye!


kayla said...

Sorry to hear about the flight troubles. I've been there and done that.

Hope you get off tomorrow and the little guy is good for you on the plane ride.


Anonymous said...

I am loving this site. I will be spreading the word.