Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Freebies- Quick Pages!

It's Friday again- and I have some freebies- Yay! I actually have two for you. They are 2 quick pages- both the same, only one is a little girly, and one a little more boyish. I only had time to get them done as 12x12 this week- but perhaps in the future sometime I will get around to getting them made as rectangles. I hope you enjoy them!
Oh yeah, if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter the contest from last week, I am going to be choosing a winner Saturday. Also grab my other freebies while you can, some may be disappearing to the shop soon. Happy Friday!

Click HERE to Download
Click HERE to Download

Here's the page I took the quickpages from. If you want to do your own page, check out this old freebie post for the template. (It was one of my first.)


donna said...

I want to say thanks for your wonderful freebies! Your quick pages and templates are just my style and I can't wait to use them! (I just discovered your blog and downloaded all of your freebies.) Thank you so much for sharing your talents so generously!


Sharon said...

Love these templates! thanks heaps.

Sue said...

I love this template, and the quick pages you made from it are wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing your work!